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Jackson County kicks off holiday season with ‘Christmas in the Sky’ fireworks and fun

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Hundreds of families spent Thanksgiving eve on the beach.

Longview Lake Beach was home to “Christmas in the Sky" on Wednesday night. The annual event is a firework spectacular that marks the kickoff to “Christmas in the Park,” a light display you can drive through with your family.

“Who sees fireworks in the wintertime? This is going to be great, and this is an outstanding kickoff for us," Jackson County Executive Frank White said.

Christmas in the Sky included dancing, food trucks, crafts and more fun. Watch the full fireworks show in the video player below.

Some families were relatively new to the event, like Tim Horn.

"It’s good for my daughter," he said. "She enjoyed the show a couple years ago so we wanted to bring her out to see it again.”

Others, like the Smith family, have raised their children up in that tradition.

“We’ve come here every Christmas since we started dating," Jennifer Smith said. "This is our daughter Erin, and she’s 17, so she’s been here every year of her life.”

Attendees said, luckily, this year it wasn’t bone-chilling cold.

“There have been years where the snow was piled up super high, and then there were years where it was like in the 60s and everybody was super comfortable without coats on," Smith said.

Christmas in the Sky and Christmas in the Park are free, but you are allowed to make donations. Jackson County gives that money to more than 40 area charities including the FOX4 Love Fund for Children.

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