New parents will now get paid time off if working for state of Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. --- New mothers and fathers who work for the state of Kansas are getting a new benefit: paid time off.

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer Wednesday signed an executive order to give all state employees under his jurisdiction paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

“I think this is an important initiative for all Kansans,” Gov. Colyer said. “It shows how important our children are to us and how much we value family here in Kansas. I want state employees to have the same type of benefits that you see in private businesses across our state and nation.”

The executive order begins immediately and outlines these new benefits. The primary caregiver will receive six weeks of paid time off while the secondary caregiver will receive three weeks of paid time off. During this time, they will receive 100% of their paycheck, and vacation and sick time will continue to accrue. This benefit must be used within the first twelve weeks of a new birth or adoption.

Up until now, state workers had to use their own vacation and sick time if they wanted to stay home with their newborn baby or newly adopted child.

“I encourage all other statewide elected officials and agencies to adopt comparable policies for their employees," Gov. Colyer said.

This new benefit will be available to 17,000 state employees. Kansas joins 14 other states and the District of Columbia is offering paid parental leave to state workers.

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