Stay Weather Aware Tuesday

Winter weather warnings speed up holiday travel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many people were on the road Saturday to beat Sunday's impending winter weather.

It didn't take long for FOX4 to find people on Prairie View Road in Platte City who had places to be.

Ed Nodean pulled into the Minit Mart and parked at a gas pump. When asked why he was getting gas, he replied with a laugh, "So I have enough gas to get home!"

Nodean still had two hours to drive to get to his Bellevue, Nebraska home.

"I was gonna leave tomorrow," Nodean said. "With the forecast, we did not like that. So we decided that we were going to go home early."

Sydney Eastman had the same idea.

"I`m a college student at Mizzou and I`m trying to beat the storm back," said the graduate student. "When I saw the weather, I thought I better get out of here now."

Nodean and Eastman were two of hundreds, if not thousands, who tried to get a jump on Mother Nature and out of the metro.

But it turns out there was another group of people getting gas - for their snow blowers.

"I`m getting gas for my snow blower, because I haven`t used it much the last few years, so I`m excited to use it, said Bob Day."

All this makes for a very busy day for Lester Lawson. He`s the only one working at the Minit Mart this Saturday of the holiday weekend. But Lawson`s ready. His store is stocked and ready. Hopefully, everyone else in the cars and on the road is too.

Both MoDOT and KDOT strongly encourage drivers to stay off the roads before and during Sunday's storm.

The conditions are expected to be awful for driving, which is why so many people left on Saturday.

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