Cell phone scam makes it appear police are calling you to collect money — they’re not

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This week alone, several local police departments say they've seen a spike in scams across the metro, with an interesting new scam coming straight to your cell phone.

More than 300 people reported receiving a scam phone call since Tuesday, and what is so real about the scam is that the number on your phone looks like it is coming from Kansas City police, but it's not.

The caller says they are with the local law enforcement and that your loved one is in trouble and needs money, or that you are in legal trouble and need to pay immediately over the phone.

KCPD says they've heard from people who live across the metro, and around the country. A majority of the phone calls have been directed towards the elderly. Law enforcement officers say they would never solicit money for bonds or anything like that, and these phone calls are not coming from KCPD.

"Some of these individuals are calling and posing as lawyers to family members, soliciting funds. Again, our encouragement is to verify, verify, verify," Police spokesman Lionel Colon said.

Because of advancements in technology, many scams are becoming harder to recognize. If you are ever unsure where a call is originating from, hang up and call police.

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