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Crews working hard to prepare for Sporting KC’s playoff game against Portland

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Fans will shower Sporting KC players with applause as they take to the field for Thursday`s big matchup against the Portland Timbers. But the team that really deserves a hand is the grounds crew that helped get this field ready for Thursday`s game.

People might come to Thursday night's game and the snow`s gone right? They might say it’s magic. Well it’s the magic of the about 50 hard working guys that have been working for the last three days trying to do everything they can for this game to happen.

Sporting KC’s Director of Operations Casey Montgomery and his crew might not have magic powers but their work at Children’s Mercy Park has been awe inspiring.

“We’ve got roughly a little over two acres here,” said Montgomery. “If we go six inches deep at two acres, we are at 37 feet cube. So if you fill a cube that’s 37 feet big that’s how much snow we’ve had.

From the field to the stands and the parking lot, workers have spent 12 hours each of the last three days clearing the elements.

That work is also being done across the street as crews at The Legends make sure Sporting fans can get to the park. Despite this, Montgomery and his crew are making the most of the situation.

“If this happened every day, I’d hate it but it’s kind of fun right now,” Montgomery said. “We don’t really get it this often, so it’s not bad. Everybody is going to be proud that they had a little piece in this and hopefully we come away with a result tomorrow and it’ll be that much more sweeter.”

Montgomery said work will continue through the night and will pick up bright and early Thursday morning.

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