KCK dog’s survival after being found frozen in the snow is a Christmas miracle

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and one dog’s story will warm your heart in many ways.

On Wednesday, a good Samaritan found a miniature Doberman Pinscher, injured and frozen in a pile of snow near 51st and Forest in Kansas City, Kansas.
“She’s super, super sweet and she’s so lucky and I think you can see it through her eyes,” said Danielle Reno with Unleased Pet Rescue. “She’s really lucky someone saw her in the snow.”

Mitch Kendrick is that someone who ran to rescue the dog just in the nick of time.

Kendrick said something told him to drive down this one KCK street he never takes home and when he go there, he found a shivering, bleeding, lifeless little dog frozen in a pile of snow.

No one knows how long she had been there. Word is the 25-pound helpless hound apparently got hit by a car and was left to die.

“So I picked her up and just kind of put her in my jacket.”

Kendrick, a dog owner himself, was suddenly on a mission to save the dog.

“I immediately go straight back home and turn a little heater on for her and tried to warm her.”

Kendrick then rushed her to a friend who works at Unleashed Pet Rescue.

“Road rash on her belly, fluids standing in her abdomen and some around her lungs. She has an injured right leg and is extremely hypodermic,” Reno said.

Everyone feared a tiny, bright-eyed Noel wouldn’t walk again.

“I thought we we’re bringing her here to say goodbye,” Reno said. “She’s in an oxygen tank that’s warming her up. They’ve given her pain medications.”

The pretty, pint-sized pinscher is not paralyzed.

“I’m super happy about that,” Kendrick said.

This Christmas season, this little dog survived her nightmare in the frigid cold, thanks to her holiday hero.

“It makes me feel good to know that she’s gonna live,” Kendrick said.

Right after FOX4 aired Noel's story Wednesday night, the dog's relieved owner approached FOX4's Robert Townsend after his live shot.

"I'm just happy that she's okay and I just want her home," said Brianna Vasquez. "I seen the video and it literally, that made me cry because that's my baby. I've had her since she was six weeks old and it's freezing out here and I can't imagine what she's been through."

Vasquez plans to go to the Overland Park Veterinary Clinic and work on getting her "Savannah" back.

The dog is expected to survive.

“She’s gonna need a Christmas miracle,” said Reno. “And it looks like so far so good.”

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