Special delivery for three KCPD officers injured in the line of duty

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman made a special delivery to three Kansas City, Missouri officers who were injured in the line of duty.

Raylene Mason is the Kansas City coordinator for an organization called Quilts of Valor, which gives quilts to vets who have been touched by war.

“Someone asked me if I knew about an organization that makes quilts for law enforcement, and I had really never thought about it before, so I started looking it up,” Mason said.

That's when she found Quilts for Cops.

“That was two weeks before the unfortunate incident that happened to these three officers,” Mason said, “And so it was just kind of like it was meant to be.”

The unfortunate incident mason is describing is when a gunman shot and injured three Kansas City Missouri police officers in July.

It started at a motel on Highway 40 and ended with the arrest of a man at 30th and Topping Avenue.

All three officers survived.

“We do want to honor the police officers who have put themselves in harm’s way and have been injured in the line of duty,” Mason added.

Mason and her friend from Tonganoxie, Sherry Coulter, spent three months making the quilts.

“So, when I finally got to award the quilts to them, I told them that I knew it had been a while since they had been injured,” Mason said.

Quilts for Cops is based in Oregon, so they usually mail the quilts, and don`t typically get to deliver them in person.

So last week's delivery was a special one.

“When they cover up with their quilts, they can feel warmth, knowing that there are people who care enough about them,” Mason said. “These quilts are intended to be for comfort, to comfort them while they recover, but what I told them is that I hope that they will continue to comfort them…being able to tell them thank you for what you do, the sacrifices you make every day out there in the streets.”

Each quilt has symbolism on it, like the thin blue line.

“They wanted to hug me, each one of them wanted to hug me, so that was really wonderful, to know that they felt that good about the quilt,” Mason said.

Mason said it was very heartwarming, although these aren't the kinds of quilts she wants to make and deliver again.

“But what I hope is that I really don`t have to do another quilt for a cop, because obviously, that means they've been injured,” Mason said.

If anyone is interested in helping make Quilts for Cops...you can reach out to Mason on Facebook or email her at ARMYMOMKC@GMAIL.COM

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