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Pregnant metro mom thankful to be alive after rollover crash on black ice, grateful for good Samaritans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Independence woman is thankful to be alive.

Sarah Cherkas and her husband survived a rollover crash in Monday's icy weather. They came out without a scratch. Cherkas, a mom to two kids already, is 36 weeks pregnant.

Cherkas and her husband escaped though the window of her SUV. It happened near the Parvin Road exit on I-35 North. The couple was driving back from an obstetrician appointment downtown when they slid on black ice.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said they made it out safe because they were both wearing their seat belts.

"Everything started falling and everything happened so fast," Cherkas said. "When I was in the middle of rolling I just thought about baby. Me, baby, just make it out of here. Make it out of here alive. I don`t want baby to be hurt."

Cherkas, her husband and her unborn baby boy Micah survived the crash unharmed. The baby is due on Christmas day.

"I could never imagine just rolling a vehicle and not being hurt at all," Cherkas said.

Making it to safety was a struggle.

"I remember telling my husband, I just want to get out of the car," Cherkas said. "Because we were kind of hanging sideways and the car was on its slide."

When Cherkas poked her head out the window of her SUV, she saw a crowd of bystanders.

"I just remember seeing like 10 people surrounding me," Cherkas said.

A crowd of strangers, worried and ready to give a helping hand. Joey Bybee was one of those people.

"I`ve seen accidents happen before but I`ve never seen one roll right in front of me like that," Joey Bybee, a tow truck driver for Wilde Auto and Recovery said. "That was kind of scary. My heart was definitely shaking for them."

Bybee is a tow truck driver. He happened to be across the interstate on a call, and rushed over after he watched the crash unfold.

"I remember Joey specifically too, he was standing there and he helped pull me out while my husband pushed me from underneath," Cherkas said.

Cherkas thanks all the people who stopped to help her that day. She's grateful for their efforts.

The car from the crash isn't safe to drive anymore. Bybee's employer, Wilde Auto and Recovery, plans to they will donate a car to Cherkas and her family.

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