Problem Solvers Updates: A new member of the ‘Hall of Shame’ and a deposit finally delivered

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- When Jay Campbell never got his Rolex watch back from a repair shop, he called FOX4 Problem Solvers for help. The shop owner promised to solve the problem, but never did.  Now, Campbell has turned to the courts for help.

“I just want my son’s birthday watch back,” Campbell told Problem Solvers  in September.

Campbell, of Grain Valley, had taken the Rolex to Gold Rush Express in June to have several links removed from the watchband. He hadn’t seen it since. Problem Solvers contacted a representative of Gold Rush Exchange and was told the owner’s wife, Robin Reneau, would reimburse Campbell for his lost watch, but she would need a couple of weeks to come up with the funds.

Problem Solvers never heard from her and neither did Campbell.

“I never got a return call,” he said.

That’s why Campbell was in small claims court in Independence on Wednesday. He filed suit against Gold Rush Exchange for $5,000.

Serving the company court papers proved easy. Campbell had company owner Bill Reneau served in his cell at Leavenworth prison. Reneau is awaiting trial for conspiring to destroy a rival’s business by hiring someone to drive a car through the front window and then set it on fire.

So what happened in small claims court? Campbell won a default judgment for the entire amount when no one from Gold Rush Exchange bothered to show up. Campbell said he has an attorney on standby willing to help him collect the $5,000 judgment since the owner of Gold Rush Exchange does not have a reputation for following the law.

Gold Rush Exchange, which operates two locations, is also now an official member of the FOX4 Problem Solver Hall of Shame.

There’s more good news.

Remember Sarah Scearcy? She was the woman who was upset because her former apartment complex – Township Apartments in Kansas City – never returned her $500 security deposit. Missouri law states all refunds must be issued within 30 days, but more than two months had passed and Scearcy could get no answers from the complex.

That’s why Scearcy called FOX4 Problem Solvers. We also had trouble getting the company to tell us what the hold up was, but a few days after our story aired, Scearcy finally got her money.

Problem Solved.

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