Body camera footage shows police interaction with Kareem Hunt and victim

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police put one man in handcuffs at Cleveland's 9 Hotel on Feb. 10.

It wasn't anyone involved in the hallway assault that cost Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt his job. It was a bystander who noticed the distraught 19-year-old in the hotel lobby and called 911.

Body cam footage and 911 dispatch audio released by Cleveland police is providing more insight into the allegations that Hunt shoved and kicked a woman in February. See and hear the footage in the video player above.

On Friday, TMZ released hotel surveillance footage showing showing the alleged assault at the hotel in Cleveland.

Later Friday evening, Hunt was placed on the NFL's exempt list, sidelining him while the league investigates. An NFL spokesperson told FOX4 neither the NFL nor the Chiefs viewed the video before it became public Friday.

Minutes later, Hunt was released from the Chiefs after the team said he was not honest with them when they spoke about the incident in February.

"I was assaulted. I need help," Abby Ottinger would say in a second 911 call after getting the man's phone.

Once Cleveland police arrived, Ottinger told cops the front desk refused to call 911 for her. She said she had returned to the Metropolitan at the 9 Hotel on a party bus with Kareem Hunt and others and headed upstairs.

"His friend got mad because I didn't want him, so he told me to get out of his hotel," she said.

"They were causing so much noise, and we were like, 'Can you just calm down? You are going to get us in trouble,'" one of Hunt's friends told police.

The hotel surveillance video shows Hunt come out of his room and shove the teen. As the skirmish continues, Hunt appears to shove another man into Ottinger, sending her across the hall toward the wall and to the floor.

Ottinger told police her attacker's name and how they could find the video.

"Kareem, his name. I just met him today. The person who assaulted me, he shoved me. He pushed me. You can watch the video tapes that I would like to see if possible," she said.

Her friend told police she tried to record the incident as well.

"I'm like, if you are an NFL player, this obviously isn't a good look for you. I'm protecting my friend. I'm protecting myself. I started recording," Domonique Hamilton told police.

But she said Hunt's friends took her phone and smashed it. They returned Ottinger's phone later to her through police without a sim card.

Police went to Hunt's room after explaining to the woman they wouldn't be able to obtain hotel video without a subpoena. But police body camera released Friday cut off shortly after they arrive.

"Our cameras are on. Would you like them on or off?" Cleveland police asked Hunt.

"It don't matter, I'm just trying to go to bed," a seemingly dazed Hunt told police before walking out of frame to get his ID.

In the video, the woman told police several times she wanted to press charges and for them to get the hotel video, but no arrests were ever made or charges pressed.

The only person put in handcuffs that night was the person who called 911 for the girl after hotel security told police they wanted the video on his phone deleted.

"You can arrest me, but you aren't taking my property. I know my rights. A crime has been committed, and I'm trying to do the right thing," he told police as they handcuffed him and put him in the back of the squad car.

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