Staying safe when hanging your holiday lights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Setting up a bright holiday light display is a tradition for a lot of people. But those pretty lights can pose a safety risk.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says in the two months around the winter holiday season, around 12,000 people go to the emergency room for holiday decorating related injuries. The most common injuries are falls, cuts, shocks and burns.

Kansas City resident Chris Walker hung his lights Sunday. He was almost done when the ladder fell out from underneath him.

"I rode it all the way to the bottom," Chris Walker said. "I think a lesser athlete might have died but I survived. Hands never touched the ground so I think I stuck the landing. "

What happened to Walker, is what another homeowner feared would happen to him.

"Deathly afraid of heights," Ryan Haultain said. "So really didn't care to get up on a ladder and the other is I wanted to make sure it was done right."

So Ryan Haultain hired Holiday FX to hang his lights. The peace of mind was worth the money for Haultain. The company's services cost about $450 for labor. The lights are $250 for the average home.

This is Haultain's first year in this home and he wanted a professional touch to fit in with rest of the houses on the block.

"Starting on Thanksgiving night we've seen limos, trolleys, cars, people stopping and taking photos, so we're excited to get our lights up and hopefully people get some enjoyment out of it," Haultain said.

Holiday FX's employees have been doing this for 14 years.

"Your average consumer does not want to climb a ladder over six foot," Daren Moon, owner of Holiday FX said. "It becomes dangers for them. I laugh with some of the homeowners. I tell them, I'm less than their deductible."

The company has 300 clients and starts hanging lights in August.

"We feel a little bit like Santa's elves," Moon said. "This is a real feel good business."

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