Local tow company donates car to expecting mom who lost SUV in black ice rollover crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just a week after a black ice rollover crash, a tow company has stepped up to help an expectant mother.

Sarah Cherkas and her fiance got in a rollover crash near Interstate 35 and Parvin Road last week. She's nine months pregnant. Everyone made it out without a scratch, much to the couple's surprise. The SUV didn't fare as well. It's not safe to drive.

A driver with Wilde Auto and Recovery, a local tow truck service, happened to see the crash from across the interstate. He rushed over and helped pull the couple out of the car window to safety.

Wilde Auto also sells cars, and after they learned the couple's car wasn't safe to drive, they stepped up for a second time.

On Thursday, they donated a car to the couple.

"We really do appreciate it," Taylor Unruh said. "I didn't expect this to happen at all. It's a huge blessing. It's kind of hard for us to manage rides for the kids and rides for her and for me for work with having to depend on other people."

The car damaged in the wreck was the family's only mode of transportation. They already have two children together, and getting them to and from school was a challenge.

"It makes us more independent and stronger as a family," Cherkas said.

Wilde Auto and Recovery's employees felt for the couple's struggle and said if you can pay it forward, you should.

"It just made my heart sink into my stomach," said Lindsay Inlow, an officer manager at Wilde Auto and Recovery. "She's about to have a baby, and she's already got kids. I'm a mom. I know how that feels."

The car donation was an early Christmas present from the tow company. The couple is expecting another big gift on Christmas -- that day is their baby's due date.

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