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Young victim’s dad calls former teacher a ‘monster’ after more sexual assault charges surface

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A fourth set of accusations of sexual assault have surfaced against a former metro school teacher.

Randall Carter, 42, appeared in a Johnson County courtroom Thursday, answering to another set of accusations that he sexually abused minors. Carter was a teacher at Pathway Academy and a former youth pastor at a church in the metro.

The father of one victim, who had already come forward concerning her accusations against Carter, said the former teacher is "a monster." That parent, who asked that we conceal his identity, said Carter would stage Saturday night sleepovers for kids he intended to transport to Sunday church services.

The metro dad said that was where his daughter, who, at the time, was only 10 years old, was abused.

"He shows absolutely no remorse. He shows no emotion," that parent told FOX4 on Thursday.

He said his daughter, who is now 16, kept memories of the abuse to herself for years because she was afraid to tell others, until she shared the horrific memories of rape with a school counselor.

"To have the sense that I wasn't even there to protect my own daughter from a monster is disheartening, to say the least," he said.

Thus far, Carter's victims have come from inner city families, who say they were impressed by his affluent lifestyle.

"I want people to understand this was something as simple as molestation. It's not something as simple as lewd touching. This was rape of young children. Physical rape and sodomy of young children," the metro dad said.

Carter was arrested again last week, having been on house arrest prior to that.

"There's nothing about this that is normal. There's nothing about this that's easy to accept. There's nothing about this that is OK," the father said.

The only positive behind these new accusations against Carter, according to that parent, might be that victims are becoming more comfortable coming forward. That father also said he`s confident there will be more teenagers sharing their stories too.

Carter next court appearance won't be until January. If you have information regarding this case, please contact the Johnson County Prosecutor's office.

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