After nearly 20 months, Liberty business owner finally gets refund from KC company

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- A Liberty man was out nearly $1,600 and has nothing to show for it. Even worse, he'd been trying to get a refund for months and was left waiting until recently.

"I was going to put here 'mold testing, mold inspections, mold removal,'" Marvin Littlepage said, pointing to the side of his white van where he had hoped to advertise his company.

"I decided I wanted to splurge and get a wrap," the Liberty man said, referring to the advertising wraps seen on many commercial vehicles, including television news vans.

To get the work done, Littlepage went to Foto Wrap on Front Street in Kansas City. His van was measured and he was quoted a price of $3,190.

Marvin Littlepage

Foto Wrap said it would need 50 percent down. Littlepage handed over nearly $1,600 in April 2017. He was expecting his van to be wrapped by the following month.

Boy, was he wrong. It’s been 20 months, and Littlepage still doesn’t have his van wrapped.

"I kind of had forgotten about it for a few months," Littlepage said. "Wait, I've never heard from these guys."

So he called, emailed and finally got a call back from owner John Sweeney.

"He calls and says we need to sort this out," Littlepage said.

Sweeney told Littlepage he had never responded to the design proofs Foto Wrap had sent him.

"I never got the proofs," Littlepage told Sweeney.

Sweeney then promised to look into the problem and get back to him. That was nine months ago. Littlepage never heard from Sweeney again.

Littlepage’s wife Brenda started calling Foto Wrap. Every day. For months.

"I would always get the secretary," Brenda said. "It got so she recognized my voice."

Brenda would leave a message for owner Sweeney but never got a call back.

Foto Wrap

This past summer the Littlepages even sent two registered letters demanding a refund. Still nothing.

"I just wanted it resolved," Littlepage said.

That’s why he called the FOX4 Problem Solvers. We paid a visit to Foto Wrap.

We initially met some resistance from the receptionist, who also happens to be the owner’s daughter. She said she couldn’t talk to us about the Littlepage account because that was a private matter between Sweeney and the Liberty couple.

"Well, they can't get hold of John," the FOX4 Problem Solvers told her. "So the fact that it is between John and them does them no good. They need their money back."

When she still insisted she couldn’t help us, we pointed out that there was a television camera in her office and she might want to call the owner. She did.

She then told FOX4 that Sweeney said he had mailed a check to the Littlepages six months ago. He was surprised to hear they didn’t receive it. He promised to take care of it.

In fact, Sweeney later called us, apologizing for the problem and saying the Littlepages order had somehow fallen through the cracks.

Sweeney said he was eager to wrap this story up as a problem solved, and indeed he kept his promise, Littlepage has a full refund.

By the way, after more than a year of waiting for his van to be wrapped, Marvin Littlepage said he has decided against placing advertising on his work vehicles. That’s because he’s learned his customers would rather not have neighbors know they hired a mold inspection company.

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