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Blue Springs neighbors concerned after home, cars shot up by BB guns

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Blue Springs Police are searching for three men who shot up at least one home and several cars with BB guns Sunday.

The incident has some neighbors in the area scared and angry.

Scott St. Clair is used to fixing up cars, but not usually his own. This weekend, his truck window was shot and shattered.

“The fact someone is shooting anything makes me worry and kids were out playing,” St. Clair said.

Scott suspects it all started when three strangers in a silver Nissan Sedan made a lewd gesture to him at a Blue Springs car wash Sunday afternoon.

“One of them gave me the finger and actually did it twice in the middle of me cleaning. I just asked them, ‘Why did you do that?’ I didn’t understand,” St. Clair said.

He said the three young men were clearly looking to start trouble and decided the best thing to do was to just leave.

Minutes after he got home, St. Clair spotted a silver Nissan speeding down his street.

“My son came running in and said, ‘Dad! Your window’s been shot!’"

After sharing his story on Facebook, he found he wasn't the only victim.

Mark and Tamela fisher were sitting in the kitchen watching the Kansas City Chiefs game when they heard shots.

“We just heard the pop on the glass, then I heard another pop right beside me by the refrigerator,” said Mark Fisher.

Tamela noticed a hole in the window right behind her head.

“Scared me to death. Then it made me mad that people do that. And get away with it so far,” said Tamela Fisher.

A BB pellet lodged in their window casing and two more pierced their siding.

Yet another neighbor said, as she drove through the Hunters Glen neighborhood with three kids in the car, her window was also shot.

At least six such incidents have been reported to police so far.

“It's pretty sad because I didn't deserve to get this and neither did anybody else. They're just out being foolish and costing people money,” St. Clair said.

Neighbors and police are thankful no one was hurt, and they're now hoping to find surveillance video of the BB gun bandits and their silver Nissan.

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