New salon opens in the metro after 2017 floods destroy former location

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There's a brand new salon in the metro that offers more than new hairstyles.

It also presents a sense of inspiration after its owner refused to let catastrophe ruin her shop.

A comeback story commences at House of Hair off 103rd and State Line.

When KC Looks Salon and Spa opened in November, the salon`s owner Toni Parker breathed a sigh of relief. A pair of floods in the summer of 2017 ruined her former location, Le Salon, which sat beside Coach`s Inn, the notable bar and grill that was washed away.

"Sometimes, we were kind of at a loss what to do. It was kind of a nightmare."

As Indian Creek flooded, the water that salon took on was devastating. Walls buckled, equipment was ruined and the strip center's owner decided not to reopen.

"If you're not working, you don't make money as a hairdresser," Parker said. You want to work in the area that you're in. Your customers don't want to venture too far away.

Parker said she searched for months before finding the new location about a half mile east. It's still on Indian Creek but it's not in a flood plain.

"We thought we would be two to three months, but of course, it's been a year, and we finally got in here."

She estimates the Indian Creek floods cost her as much as $150,000 to restore that salon. She didn't have flood insurance.

"I had been asked, 'are you sure you want to continue with this?' I said, 'Yes, I do.'

Longtime customers such as Theresa Spinski said these stylists are like family and she's glad to see this local business back on its feet.

"I remember it was closed and everything was stacked up outside," said Spinski. "They put up with adversity, I think, along the way. They love their work."

The best part of opening the new salon according to Parker, has nothing to do with her own success. She tells FOX4 it's being able to provide a workplace for her staff. One that isn't likely to wash out.

Owner of Coach's Inn also relocated. Their business, which had been in that strip mall for decades. That popular eatery moved across State Line Road to Overland Park.

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