Viewers help pay woman’s water bill after seeing FOX4 Problem Solver story

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A routine FOX4 Problem Solver story about a woman who was about to have her water shut off prompted viewers to come to her rescue in a big way.

“Whomever you guys are thank you very much because my great grandson will have a great Christmas now thanks to you,” 61-year-old Eloise Bostic said, a huge smile spreading across her face.

Bostic had just learned that her outstanding water bill had been paid in full by Fox 4 viewers. Her job this day was quite different from the day before when we first met her.

Bostic had just gotten out of  the hospital and just gotten notice that her water was in imminent danger of being shut off because of an outstanding balance of $238.97

She had called FOX4 Problem Solvers because she thought The Kansas City Water Department already had nearly that much of her money as part of a deposit on a now closed account that she wanted back to pay her current bill.

Her assumption about the deposit didn’t turn out to be correct, so Problem Solvers  couldn’t help her. But after her story aired, FOX4 viewers came to her rescue.

The station received phone calls and emails from people (most wanting to remain anonymous) asking what they could do to help.

"I don't want this woman to be without water, how much do you need?" One viewer wrote.

Together FOX4 viewers paid not only the amount listed on the turnoff notice, but also her entire water bill to date – more than $600.

There’s more good news. So much money cam in that the extra will be applied to her future water bills.

“Well now I can make my car payment,” said Miss Bostic who works part time as a home health aide. “Thank you Kansas City”

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