zTrip driver’s son says it’s ‘a miracle’ his mom survived being shot more than 20 times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For more than a week now Brad Meitl has cried many tears for his mom, 53-year-old zTrip driver, Teresa Meitl.

"It's just the fact of seeing her the way she is. I mean my mom is a sweet person and filled with life. Now, being laid up in the hospital, being up there having tubes in and out of her. It's something you don't think would happen especially to your mom," Meitl said.

According to an affidavit, on the night of Dec. 4, Meitl picked up Derron Nevels in her zTrip car and drove him to a home near 9th and Benton in Kansas City. Once at the location, both waited for somebody to bring out the fare.

"I don't know if my mom remembers any of it. I  haven't talked to her about it yet. I just know I found out about it the next day from my supervisor and it was horrible. I just didn't know what to say," said Brad Meitl

Investigators say within moments a second man approached the vehicle. They said Derron Nevels then pointed a high-powered, military-style rifle at the zTrip driver's head and demanded that "she give him everything."

"I just thought maybe it was a small handgun. I didn't  know he tried to kill my mom with rifle. He doesn't sound human to be able to carry something like that around,"  the driver's son said.

When Teresa Meitl told Nevels cameras in her car were recording him, Nevels allegedly said  "I don't care; give me everything." Police say after Teresa grabbed onto the rifle a struggle ensued. FOX 4 is told the second guy hit the 53 year old driver in her face and head. Nevels allegedly then :"chambered a live round" and shot Meitl more than 20 times at close range.

"That is the scariest part to me. He shot my mom that many times and she's now fighting for her life," said the victim's son.

Two weeks before Christmas, the critically injured driver has undergone four surgeries so far.

"I knew she was a strong woman and this just prove how strong she is. She still cannot talk because her broken jaw is wired shut. She's slowly getting a little better every day. My prayer right now is Lord thank you for keeping my mom alive so she can see her four grand kids," said Brad Meitl.

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