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When ordering online, watch out for scam emails trying to get your personal info

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Every day, thousands of people make an online order to get something delivered right to their door. But once your order ships, you need to be on the lookout for a common scam.

Scammers hit close to home with this one, and it's effective because you know you placed an online order. Now you're expecting shipping and tracking details.

Here's how it works: Scammers create an email using a legitimate business name and logo so it looks real. Because the email looks legit, a lot of people don't think twice about opening it and clicking links.

But it's really a phishing scam and allows thieves to gain access to your personal information and passwords.

Here are some things to keep in mind: It's a fake email if you're told that you need to pay money to receive your package. You paid for your order and its shipping when you checked out online.

Also keep in mind that the people who are actually making your delivery don't need your personal information to deliver your order. You also already supplied that information when you placed it.

If you have any questions, go back to the website you shopped at and follow the tracking number in your order history. Don't click on suspicious links in emails sent to you.

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