Overland Park man says KCPD not doing enough to catch attempted carjacker

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Overnight Thursday, an Overland Park man was almost carjacked at gunpoint near 46th and Walnut. Now, the man says Kansas City Police aren't doing enough to catch the man who did it.

"He tapped on the window and he asked for a ride to Overland Park and I told him no," the driver, who did not want to be identified, said.

That's when the man, who had a dog with him, held up a gun.

"He put both of the hands on the gun and pointed it right at my temple. And he said to me again get out of the car. I said OK, no problem. And then he left the gun drift from my temple a little bit and started to talk to my sister. And it looked like he was going to tell her to stay."

One quick decision may have saved the car owner's life, and his younger sister's life.

"As soon as he took the gun from my temple I put it in drive and hit the gas and he pulled the trigger. "

The bullet ended up in the back behind the driver's seat. It shattered the driver's side window. The driver and his sister drove less than a half mile away to Saint Luke's to get checked out.

That's where the driver met with police and where his frustrations started. He said an officer laughed at him when he asked if they caught the person who fired the shot.

He said police didn't send someone to the scene fast enough.

"It seems like someone pulls a trigger with your gun pointed to your head they would at least have sent a car to find the man," the driver said.

The driver went back the next day to where the attempted carjacking happened and found a shell casing.

"There was a shell casing right here in the street by where this happened and there'd been no effort to recover that," the driver said.

The driver called police, and he said they eventually came to gather the shell casing. He also claims police never called to get the footage from a nearby camera. Turns out it didn't work, but he's still disappointed.

KCPD wouldn't talk about the case on camera but told FOX4 they are investigating and did go to the scene to collect evidence.

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