Thousands of dollars worth of stolen tools, equipment found at Blue Springs business

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Officials have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen tools and heavy equipment found at a Blue Springs business.

Jennifer Dauchenhausen with Blue Springs police said the agency received a tip about some tools stolen from a truck in the city, which led investigators to Anderson's Rental and Sales. Police went undercover to investigate further.

Police initially said they believed an employee was selling the stolen goods, but Blue Springs police Sgt. Joe Fanera later said they have yet to confirm that's the connection between the goods and the rental company.

"It’s really tough right now putting the pieces of the puzzle together," Fanera said.

Police also told FOX4 they received several other tips that the business was selling and trading stolen equipment. The owner, however, denies any wrong-doing.

On Tuesday morning, Blue Springs police, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol executed a search warrant at the business, Dauchenhausen said.

There, officials recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen tools, trailers and other equipment. Fanera said it's possible the owners of Anderson’s might have unknowingly bought stolen items.

"Anytime that you go to an auction or something like that, you can buy a piece of equipment that the rightful owner or the person purchasing it doesn’t know that those items are actually stolen," Fanera said.

Police were able to verify the items were stolen through serial numbers. Police said some of the stolen goods were reported stolen as far back as 2014 and came from outside Missouri.

Now it's up to Anderson's owners to give investigators the receipts, proving they legally made the purchases and are the rightful owners.

Officials are still sorting through who the items belong to, and it's not clear at this time how they will notify those people.

Police did not arrest anyone Tuesday in connection to the discovery. They said the business, which has been around since 2004, has never had any issues in the past.

The owners say they will fight this.

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