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Grandview IHOP waitress injured after customers dine and dash, then hit her with car in escape

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- A 22-year-old IHOP waitress is in so much pain right now, she can't even hold her 10-month-old baby boy.

"I can't play with him, and he doesn't understand why. Every time I try to pick him up, my chest and ribs just hurt," Antonia Collier said.

Collier has been a waitress at the IHOP off 71 Highway for the last four months. Shortly after midnight Friday, she said she got the scare of her life at work.

"I just couldn't believe it. Right before I took the receipts to everyone, those three just got up from the booth and walked out the front door," she said.

The 22-year-old said the two women and one man finished eating their meals and then dashed without paying their bill.

"The dude ran to the car first, and he said to the girls that they needed to hurry up or he was gonna leave them. They were in a green or gold car and parked in back on the side where I couldn't see the license plate," Collier said.

When Collier chased the suspects, she said the male driver hit her with the getaway car, a Chevy sedan.

"I looked at my hands, and they were shaking, and everything was kind of blurry. I fell to the ground and blacked out. A few minutes later, I stumbled back into the IHOP and fell again," she remembered.

The young waitress suffered a gash in her head and several other injuries.

"I now have four staples on the top of my head. My ribs, chest and back all hurt. I mean, to do anything right now really is a struggle," Collier said with tears in her eyes.

"I want them caught," said Cherie Workcuff, Collier's mom.

During an exclusive interview Friday night, Workcuff showed FOX4's Robert Townsend her daughter's blood-stained IHOP shirt.

"Look at all the blood stains on her work shirt and her t-shirt. This just doesn't make any sense. I want the people who did this caught," she said. "And my daughter told me her manager at that IHOP recently told her and her co-workers if anyone dines and dashes, then it's up to the workers to pay the bill. I'm still checking with IHOP because if that's true, I want them to change that policy. My daughter could have died chasing after those people."

"My life could have ended and for what? I mean their bill probably wasn't more than $30. This is people's jobs and lives that they're playing with, and they just didn't care. I am not going back to work there," Collier said.

FOX4 reached out to IHOP about Collier's claims.

"There's no comment at this point. The ownership has been notified, and we're aware of the situation. We're looking into it," said Mike Collier, the restaurant's director of operations.

Police released surveillance video of the three suspects leaving the IHOP. See the footage in the video player above.

Anyone with information is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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