Kansas City shooting victim spending Christmas in hospital surrounded by family

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City woman and her five kids will be spending Christmas in the hospital by her husband's side.

Danny Barker was shot in the head on Dec. 6 at 9th and Blue Ridge Cutoff. Josie Barker said the house they had recently moved into was shot up earlier in the day, so they had just loaded up their belongings in a trailer and were leaving the neighborhood when they came under fire. Barker ended up crashing into a home.

Barker spent several days in intensive care in a coma.  He still can't speak and has a bullet in his brain, but the family is happy he's conscious for Christmas.

"My son has been crying for me to come pick him up because he wants to see his dad. He doesn't really care about Christmas right now, he just wants to be up here with him. They are taking it I guess as well as kids can take it," Josie Barker said.

Barker said the family's holiday hardship intensified when her purse was stolen in the hospital.  She isn't sure where the family will live when Barker is discharged, but said they won't be going back to that neighborhood.

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