Postman plays Santa and delivers note to girl

MOBILE, Ala. — The United States Post Office has been working overtime to make sure all of the holiday deliveries make it to where they need to go in time for Christmas, but one of those deliveries last week made an Irvington girl’s day.

When 7-year-old Shaina Horning checked her mailbox last week, she found a special delivery from the North Pole.

“It said my dear friend thank you for the letter,” she said.

It may not sound like it, but Shaina is very excited about getting a personalized response from Santa.

“The season is busy, the elves with their saws, are making toys for Santa Claus,” Shaina said as she read the letter.

She put a letter into the mailbox earlier this month with her wish list for the holidays.

Shaina’s mom was not expecting much when they sent the original letter.

“I actually was going to take it out and I just decided not too,” Micheala Steward-Horning said. “I figured he would take care of that and he done that.”

But even she was blown away when she heard her daughter screaming.

“It makes me feel like he actually cares and that’s rare nowadays, people actually caring,” Micheala said.

Micheala credits her postal carrier for going above and beyond.

“Putting all the stickers on that and like it had to have taken time,” she said.

Shaina’s not the only one who has gotten a response.

“One of my friends just told me that her kids, put it in the mailbox and they got a response too,” Micheala said.

The Post Office has a program for this where kids can send letters to Santa, but normally the parent has to write “Santa’s” response, in this case Michaela said it was her postman who did the writing.

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