Tired of shootings, crime at Oak Park Mall, nearby business owner plans to move

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- For more than 10 years, Tina Lake has enjoyed running a nail salon across the street from Oak Park Mall in Overland Park. But not anymore.

"I'm just so sick of it. I don't feel comfortable being across from the mall anymore. It's not safe," Lake told FOX4 Thursday.

Lake said a wild shooting in late October in the mall's parking lot and one Wednesday night practically in the same area have rattled her and disturbed the peace at her shop for the last time.

"I don't feel comfortable even walking outside to the parking lot," she said. "During that last shooting two months ago, I walked out there and saw all of those fire trucks and cops, and I thought, 'What a shame.' I just think in the last five years, things have gotten more violent around here."

Now, she's so concerned about her safety that she said after Wednesday's gunfire, she's moving out of the Overland Park neighborhood.

"Yeah, I'm out of here. I'm scared," Lake said.

She initially planned to move her business to midtown Kansas City some time next year, but now she's sold her shop and is moving next month.

"I called my realtor after Wednesday night's shooting, and I told him I am done. Done. I then called the buyer back and I said I accept your officer, so yes I will be out of here by Jan. 15," Lake said.

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