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Kansas City Superman hanging up his cape

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You've probably seen Michael Wheeler running all over Kansas City in his bright red cape. You may have even stopped him for a picture. Most people know him better as Kansas City Superman.

He's been a staple in metro for about a decade, but now it's time for him to hang up the cape and retire. Wheeler announced on New Year's Eve that he will retire as KC Superman. His last day will be Valentine's Day.

There's a mural honoring the KC Superman at 41st and Pennsylvania in Westport.

"I looked around and I saw all the crime, the murder, it just broke my heart," Michael Wheeler said. "I said let me try something here. I just dressed up. "When there's trouble I show up on the scene and superman kind of calms people down. They laugh and they say, this man is for real."

The 67-year-old runs 10 to 15 miles a day. He's a runner and an evangelist. Jesus is written in the middle of his "S."

"It's a run but it's a prayer run," Wheeler said. "I'm running and I'm praying.
I go through the city and where there's trouble I'm praying for young people."

Wheeler announced on New Year's Eve...he will retire on Valentine's Day.

"My goal was to get a picture with just about everyone in Kansas City, I think I passed the halfway mark," Wheeler said. "It's been a fun run but I think it's about time for me to retire from this chapter and go for another chapter in my life."

He started running when he was a kid to get away from the children who bullied him.
Wheeler's love of running grew stronger every year. He even tried out of the Olympics.

"That's because I was born to run," Wheeler said.

The man born to run, an Army veteran who's done 134 marathons won't stop running after his retirement.

"It's another chapter,"Wheeler said. "That was for a season. I'm getting ready for other nations."

Wheeler wants to go overseas to run and spread his messages. He's working on getting to China for a marathon in the spring.

"I'm gonna still run, but I'm just retiring the cape," Wheeler said. "I will just probably run in a plain t shirt."

He'll also support different fundraisers and charities through his running attire.

While he won't have the cape anymore...he hopes his message still follows his feet hit the pavement.

"A lot of people don't know this but I had like five people in my family murdered," Wheeler said. "Uncle, nephew, sister, couple cousins right here in KC. When I see that one the news that hits home because I know what that is, a family grieving. I go all over the city. Prospect, I'm running and I'm praying. And I talk to a lot of people. To check their anger, to do something positive. To live a better life. And that's what really motivates me to do what I'm doing."

The highlight of KC Superman's career was being with all the fans at the Royals World series parade.

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