KCK police brace for “wild and crazy” New Year’s Eve night

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's New Year's Eve night and Kansas City, Kansas Police Captain Steve Owen is ready for what will likely be a long, wild night.

"Yeah we will be active all night. People drinking and getting crazy. Shots being fired and fireworks going off. You just never know what to expect," Captain Owen said.

Police tell FOX4 on Saturday night there was an unusual spike in crime in KCK. As of New Year's Eve night, they were still looking for the person who drove by a house on North 22nd and shot a 22-year-old man standing outside. The victim was at a party when he suffered critical injuries.

That same night a knife-wielding robber hit a Family Dollar store at 12th and Central Avenue, demanded money and got away.

Police also arrested a woman they said tried to set a townhouse, filled with kids, on fire. The suspect was apparently mad at the homeowner when cops say she sprayed the home with lighter fluid.

"The lighter fluid didn't catch luckily. There were youth inside the townhouse and had it actually caught fire, things could have been a lot worse," Officer Jonathon Westbrook said.

Typically on New Year's Eve, police run on steady traffic related calls.

FOX4 rode along with KCK Cap. Steve Owen for several hours Monday.

"Some of those traffic calls could be DUI accidents. Some people celebrating too much," Cap. Owen said.

During the ride-along, Captain Owen responded to a call of a male driver hitting a man's car near 18th and Pacific and then leaving the scene.

"It looks like just a hit and run accident and he swiped him and then took off, " Cap. Owen said.

With so many revelers firing off guns to ring in the New Year, officers also often criss-cross neighborhoods to check out possible shootings. A shots fired call near 18th and Nebraska Monday night turned up nothing.

"We have called in extra police officers to work on New Year's Eve night. They will be putting in 12 hours shifts and a lot of them will be right back here on the job New Year's Day," Cap. Owen said.

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