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Insurance companies on both sides of the state line now required to pay for 3D mammograms

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It just became easier for women in the metro to discover if they have breast cancer.

Starting Tuesday, insurance companies in Missouri and Kansas must pay for women to have 3D mammograms.

Missouri and Kansas are joining six other states that now require insurance carriers to cover this scan.

While all insurance covers 2D mammograms – women who want a 3D scan many times pay an extra $50 to $100 for it.

Doctors say 3D mammograms help them see lesions they just can’t see in a 2D image.

While some are concerned of higher radiation doses with a 3D scan, doctors say improved technology means women get the same or lower dose of radiation than they do for a 2D scan.

With a 3D image, radiologists can peer into the breast tissue millimeter by millimeter, finding lesions and cancers that might otherwise be hidden in a 2D scan.

And the sooner they can find it, the sooner they can treat it - hopefully sparing women the pain of chemo or a mastectomy.

Doctors say women should begin getting annual mammograms at the age of 40 – and now that Kansas and Missouri insurance carriers are required to cover mammograms once you turn 40, you won’t have to pay that upcharge for 3D any longer.

Keep in mind if your insurance carrier is from a different state, you should check to make sure a 3D scan is covered before making an appointment.

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