Family of 1-year-old twins killed in house fire will gather for memorial service

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A community will come together Thursday to mourn the loss of one-year-old twins who were killed in a house fire last week.

Meyer Funeral Home confirmed that they will host the service for the twins at 11 a.m. at their Northland location. The family has requested privacy during the funeral.

The deadly fire happened one week ago. As investigators work to determine how the fire started, the pastor who owns the house, Terry Glenn, said he's trying to help the family through the healing process.

The pastor said a grandmother and her grand-kids all lived in the Woodland Avenue home. As they grieve, the pastor said they're trying to understand how this could have happened.

"They were just darling, sweet, living kind kids that loved their siblings," the World Harvest Ministries pastor said. "They had just a loving, close knit, just the best group of kids and best family you could ever meet."

The church and its iCare Village of Hope owns the house where the family lived. They only lived there a short time before the fire ripped their little ones away from them.

"This wound in this family's heart is pretty deep," Glenn said.

Glenn said he's helping the family and members of the small close knit church get trauma counseling. Officials with the Kansas City Fire Department said they're still investigating how the fire started.

"We had it inspected by licensed electricians that said everything was a go," Glenn said. "And the fire marshal has told us we did everything we should have done before during and after this tragedy."

Employees with Kansas City's Neighborhood and Housing Services said there weren't any codes violations or 311 complaints for the house. Glenn said although fire marshals haven't released the cause, they told him they have eliminated some possibilities.

"They ruled out no electrical was the issue, nothing with the structure of the building," Glenn said. "We had brand new smoke detectors that were working perfectly fine. We don't know."

The house has a chimney, but Glenn said it was sealed and not operational.

As he and the family wait for an explanation, they're trying to support each other as much as they can.

"We gotta love each other through this," Glenn said. "Now that it's done, it's not necessarily about the ones who are gone it's about those of us now who are still here. How do we come together and rebuild that we all meet them again someday?"

World Harvest Ministries suspended church services until further notice. The pastor said members will go to a sister church so they can focus on healing.

A community member set up a GoFundMe page for the family.

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