After beloved painting accidentally sold, KC couple hoping someone will return it

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A frantic search for a family heirloom started in Waldo and has spread onto Facebook. Now, a metro family believes it's going to take the kindness of a stranger to get it back.

Ted Bertram painted a painting of his then-fiance Sherri in 1973 when they were living in Texas. They eventually got married, started a family and moved to Kansas City.

The painting, along with other paintings Bertram created, made the move with them, and they kept them as a reminder of a simpler time.

At some point over the past four decades, they decided to pass the painting of Sherri along to their daughter, Currie. When she moved out of her rental home recently, Currie asked a friend to keep the painting for her during the move.

Her parents said Currie always intended to get the painting back, but things didn't exactly work out as she planned.

"The gentleman that had the painting had gotten evicted, and he put all of his stuff in storage. And then he didn't pay his storage," Sherri Bertram said.

The family believes the storage company probably auctioned off the painting along with the man's other belongings in the unit.

The Bertrams are hoping the person who has the beloved painting now will be kind enough to return it. They're asking that you call FOX4 at 816-932-9201 if you know where the painting is now. We'll put you in touch with the KC couple.

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