Thieves break into 25 cars overnight at three Northland apartment complexes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Friday morning, 25-year-old Tarlue Yaryee started his day as usual.

He woke up bright and early completed his routine and dashed out the front door of his building at Briar Hill Apartments in the Northland.

"Yeah, it was around 5:30, and I was just getting ready to go to work," Yaryee said.

But the automotive technician never made it to work thanks to some thieves who ruined his day.

"I just couldn't believe. I came outside and saw the glass all around my car and the back passenger winder just gone," a furious Yaryee said.

Three ruthless thieves, who police are now looking for, smashed out Yaryee's window on his Chevy Malibu and broke into his car.

"I'm very, very mad," he said.

The car crooks probably thought they hit the jackpot when they hit the Northland man's vehicle.

"They took my $840.00 money order. They took my $450.00 in cash," Yaryee said.

But that's not all.

"My wallet was in my center console, and yep, they also took it, my social security card, my credit cards and debit card," he said. "I left all my stuff in my car. I don't normally do that, but I did it Thursday night because I was planning on getting up early and just going to pay my rent."

Police say overnight, three guys wearing hooded sweatshirts and riding in a dark-colored Cadillac crept into three different apartment complexes near N.E. Davidson and N.E. Parvin Road.

The crooks busted out the windows on more than two dozen tenants' vehicles and dashed with whatever they could quickly steal. They also smashed out the rear window of Myklynn Theno's car.

"My neighbors who live behind me came banging on our door and said all three of our cars had been busted," Theno said. "My car, my fiance's car and my roommate's car were all damaged. I'm extremely angry. We're supposed to have a Homeland Security guy out here patrolling overnight. We're all just wondering where was he when all this was happening?"

FOX4 tried to reach out to the property managers at Briar Hill Apartment Complex where Theno and Yaryee both live.

However, no one would talk to us about the car break-ins.

"It's just so frustrating. How do they expect us to pay our rent now when we have to fix our broke car windows? We have insurance, but filing a claim and all that will take a while, and I need to get my window fixed now. So yes, I will likely pay out of pocket," Theno said.

"I am so mad but thankful to God that I was not in the car at the time. I mean I could have gotten killed. I'm now thinking about moving," Yaryee said.

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