Chiefs fans fill local bars week ahead of playoff game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Chiefs don’t play again for a week (January 12), but Chiefs fans are filling area sports bars - even when the team isn’t playing.

That's because so many fans are wondering who the Chiefs will play when they do take the field.

Mike Martin has been a season ticket holder since 1991. He has some great stories and some great memories.

He lived through the Marty Schottenheimer glory years. He also made it through the Todd Haley years. So he, like most fans, are guardedly optimistic.
He reflected, “I think we should win at least once game. But after many years of losing to John Elway, Payton Manning, I’ll be okay if we don’t win. In the past, I would’ve had three days of depression — now it’ll just be 30 minutes.”

As he watched the Wildcard Playoff game, he did make a request.

“I would prefer not to play the Colts,” Martin said, “because I’ve seen that happen twice.”

He said the highlights of those games were few and far between: mostly field goals and single digit wind chills.

When talking about that Chiefs playoffs chances, he said, “It’s exciting, it’s different this time, I feel. With Patrick Mahoney, it makes the whole thing different. Now we have Patrick Mahomes and our 18 year old daughter is finally into the Chiefs.”

She’s not the only one.

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