After car break-ins, police believe ‘Felony Lane Gang’ targeting Lenexa parks

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LENEXA, Kan. -- Lenexa police are trying to figure out if a pair of car break-ins this past weekend are connected to the "Felony Lane Gang."

Police are investigating purse thefts from vehicles Saturday at Sar Ko Park, where they found a car unlocked, and at Black Hoof park, where thieves smashed a window to get the purse inside.

Police say the Felony Lane Gang targets women in parks, gyms and day cares. Police are asking you to be on the lookout, especially for cars with out-of-state license plates that are loitering in parking lots.

“If you can’t lock something in a trunk, leave it at home or keep it in your possession. Throwing a jacket over your purse or trying to tuck it under your seat -- it’s not as well hidden as you think it might be," Master Police Officer Danny Chavez said.

Felony Lane Gang gets it’s name from the lane of the bank they use to cash checks or make withdrawals using the victim’s ID and cards. Lenexa police are monitoring the victims' cards to see if the thieves try to cash in.

They're also reaching out to nearby police departments to see if the Felony Lane Gang could be victimizing people in neighboring cities as well.

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