Boulevard giving federal workers a free brew and discount during shutdown

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Boulevard Brewing Company is offering discounts to employees of the federal government to ease hardship during the partial shutdown.

Boulevard started the discount Thursday, 20 days into the shutdown. Federal employees from all different agencies have already started coming in.

If you work for the federal government and you're affected by the shutdown, you just have to show your U.S. issued employee ID. You'll get a free beer and a 50 percent discount on your tab that can be used on food or whatever you order.

Boulevard said they're doing it to help people save a little bit of money while having a good time during a period of uncertainty.

The brewery itself is even affected by the shutdown.

"When we send new beers in to be registered, due to the shutdown and lack of funding, we are struggling to get beers pushed through," said Amber Ayres, director of tours and recreation. "Or they’re not getting approved at all, so it could affect release dates for us in the future."

Ayres said Boulevard employees wanted to bring the discounts to the brewery after seeing them at other restaurants and bars.

"The neighborhood we are in, we have the IRS house across the street," she said. "We ourselves in the craft beer industry have been having trouble getting beer registered in time. So it’s definitely affecting people in our building. So we just thought it would be a nice thing to do for our friends and neighbors who might be affected by it."

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