Heavy snow cause branches to fall and thousands to be without power across the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tree and tree branches are falling all over the metro this weekend.

At it’s peak, more than 110,000 KCP&L customers were without power. That drove people out of their homes Saturday afternoon, and drove up business at some establishments.

Tess Tappan was walking with her family down Ward Parkway a little after sunset Saturday evening when they came upon an uprooted tree. It’s bare branches were covered in inches of snow.

“It’s hard to imagine something so pretty could do so much, like, bad stuff,” said the 14 year old. That, in a nutshell, described Saturday’s snow.

For Bryan Eichenberg, Saturday’s snow was a chance to build his almost-two year old son’s first snowman. High there above him, the bare trees on his Prairie Village neighborhood creaked. And then, a crack.

In a split second, Eichenberg managed to scoop his son up and run. When snow settled, Eichenberg could see the branch landed where his son had just sat.

His doorbell camera and his neighbor’s doorbell camera caught it all.

“It was a really surreal moment,” said Eichenberg, “you don’t expect to have to grab your kid and save him from a falling tree limb.”

“I’m going to forever remember that,” he added.

But the one caught on camera is one of hundreds of branches that fell across Kansas City. In some cases, it was entire trees.

“When you think of snow falling,” she said, “you don’t really think that it’s that heavy.”

But it was heavy enough to weigh down branches and knock out power. More than 100,000 Kansas City Power and Light customers - 11% of its customers in the metro - were kept in the dark.

But that kept area bars, that had power, in the green. Or, in this case, Chiefs Red.

Jim Anderson sat at the both closest to the front door of The Well in Waldo.

“The power’s out at our home,” he said, “so we came here just to see if we would have a place to sit. The place was packed.”

So was his fridge, in preparation for watching the game at home. But no power meant no way to watch the Chiefs play. So he, his wife, and their neighbors came to their neighborhood bar.

In true Kansas City fashion, they rolled with it. Just like the Chiefs rolled the Colts. The Chiefs play Sunday, Jan. 20 at home at Arrowhead Stadium, in the AFC Championship Game.

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