Weather Aware: Storms likely with strong wind, lightning, hail

Neighbors working together after multiple days without power from winter storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some people in the metro are looking at three days without power after a winter storm moved through the area Friday and Saturday.

FOX4 drove through the city to find some of those folks. It was a bit endearing to see just how they're working together.

"Everyone's going through the same thing, Beth Roller said, who has no power at her home. "Everyone's going through the same thing so it's just you do what you can. We're camping."

It's not a traditional campfire being in their fireplace but it's keeping them warm.

"Just stoking a fire and staying warm, " Levi Morris said. "I am glad that I have good neighbors."

Roller's house is an open spot for her friends without power.

It started Saturday when she was at Arrowhead enjoying the Kansas City Chiefs game.

"When we were gone, I said come over here and start the fire so that they would be warm."

"It was pretty cold last night," Morris said. "We just threw a bunch of blankets on top."

Morris lives next door. The snow has shifted his Sunday schedule.

"You're not going to the grocery store, you're not doing laundry, you're not continuing things. You're just kind of like, well this day's shot. Let's try to stay warm and just hang out."

Morris came over while Roller was at the Chiefs game and started the fire which has gone since Saturday.

"The refrigerator is the snow, our stuff is in there, some beer and wine out there in the snow, cooler's on the deck," Roller said.

And that along with their furry friends will stay warm and make light of the situation, even without light.

"Thirteen, fifteen times. It's just the recording that says we`re working diligently and I believe they are. I'm bothered by it, but everybody's bothered by it, so."


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