KC federal employee stuck at home with no work, no power due to shutdown and snow

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – She was already forced to stay home from work, but after this weekend’s snow storm, home isn’t so sweet.

Lana Moore-Brody works for the Internal Revenue Service. The partial government shutdown means she isn’t drawing a paycheck, and thanks to snow storm damage, she’s now spending her savings.

She and her husband Claude live in East Kansas City. They spent hundreds on a generator after the storm knocked out their power. Trees that are outside their property lines crashed down onto and over their fence lines, turning their backyard oasis into a debris field.

"Look right there. There are more trees that fell," Claude Brody said. "They fell on my shed and on my roof."

Lana Moore-Brody

One tree was split in half, and part of it still stands, though with quite a lean.

"The next one, that one right there, is going to fall on my house. Directly. And it’s a heavy tree," Claude added.

The couple’s generator is running a furnace in the middle of their living room. They’re staying warm, for now.

"No paycheck, then we had to rush out and buy a generator, and that’s more money coming from my pockets," Lana Brody said. "No response from the electric company. We call them. It’s just an automated line. They won’t say, you know, 'We’ll have it back up in a couple of days,' or anything. The response of at least knowing that it’ll be back on soon, you can tolerate it. It’s less frustrating."

In the meantime, the couple will keep waiting.

Claude and Lana will cuddle up, she’ll crochet, and together, they’ll celebrate the Chiefs with the rest of the city -- no matter how cold it gets.

"We love our Chiefs!" Lana said with a small laugh.

"If it wasn’t for them giving us a little cheer, I think it would be more depressing," she said. "Knowing our Chiefs are out there winning for us, that makes a difference."

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