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KC mom frustrated, police investigating after school bus shot at with kids on board

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Krystal Luster is counting her blessings.

"I'm just so thankful that my kids are all OK. My two boys were on that bus. One was sitting right in the area where the bullet hit. My daughter would have been on the bus, too, in that same area. But luckily by the grace of God, she got sick that day and came home early," Luster said during an exclusive interview with FOX4.

The KC mom said last Tuesday afternoon her two 16-year-old sons and their classmates left East High School and arrived at their bus stop near 12th and Ewing. Then all of a sudden, the kids heard a loud bang.

"My son said about 15 guys first started banging on the back of the bus. A majority of them then pulled out guns," Luster said. "One of them, he looked to be no more than 17, fired one bullet on the back right side where my daughter was supposed to be sitting. My kids could be dead today, and nobody cares. The bus driver -- he didn't care and just kept on driving. The school also doesn't care."

Her son told police that after the shooting all of the guys ran off.

Luster said the shooter was angry at her 17-year-old son who wasn't even on the school bus. The two boys fought last summer over a cell phone.

"I think it's more than ridiculous that somebody's life could have been lost over a stolen cell phone. It's like a retaliation thing, and it just doesn't make any sense. I'm furious," Luster said.

Kansas City Public Schools spokesperson Ray Weikal called the school bus shooting "very serious."

In a statement sent to FOX4, Weikal also said, in part, "The safety and security of students are always the top priority of KCPS. The report is being investigated and KCPS is working with its transportation contractor to ensure that proper safety procedures and measures are followed by our bus operators and supervisors."

Chris Kemper, a spokesperson for First Student Bus Company, also said:

"At  First Student, the safety and reliable transportation of our student passengers is our highest priority. We're certainly happy and grateful that hit appears no one was injured. The school bus only sustained negligible damage. We will support the police investigation any way we can."

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