Downed trees, power lines continue to block streets across the metro

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Downed tree limbs and power lines are still causing problems for folks across the metro. Grandview schools closed for a second day following the weekend storm.

The school superintendent says 60 percent of the district's bus routes remain impassable Tuesday morning because of downed tree limbs or power lines.

After focusing on clearing more than a hundred miles of pavement over the last three days, Grandview public works crews are now clearing fallen trees that have blocked a few streets and forced the closure of others.

The school district also encompasses parts of south Kansas City, where routes may be still waiting for clean up or are dangerous to travel.

"We not only have our trees, city trees, that have broken things, but a lot of the folks' private trees have fallen into the street," Dennis Randolph, Grandview public works director said. "All we are doing with those is trying to clear what we can out of the street, But we aren’t going to clear the rest, we don’t have the people and it isn’t in our basic responsibility. So we try to keep the streets clear."

City crews can't touch blocked roadways that include downed power lines. For safety reasons, only utility crews from Kansas City Power and Light can clear those electric lines. And KCP&L said it has more than 2,000 linemen and tree trimmers, including new arrivals from Arkansas and Wisconsin, continuing to do that tedious task.

Although utility crews are confident they can restore service before the next storm strikes, those who clear the streets are working to get ready for round two.

No one wants to see ice on top of snow that hasn't had a chance to melt yet.

Click or tap here to learn more about a storm debris drop off site being set up by the City of Grandview.

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