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Fire crews help Olathe mom when baby needs feeding during 911 call response

(Photo courtesy Jessica Giffin)

OLATHE, Kan. — A crew from the Olathe Fire Department went above and beyond for a mom in need Tuesday morning.

Jessica Giffin wrote on Facebook that she hasn’t been able to wear her wedding ring for a while since she’s was pregnant. When she forced it back on Tuesday, it caused her finger to swell and turn blue.

She said she debated whether or not to call 911, but ultimately decided to call when she couldn’t get the ring off.

Giffin said crews from Olathe Fire Department showed up soon after, but that’s when things got crazy.┬áThe Olathe mom said her son had just woke up.

“I was overwhelmed because I knew he needed to eat, but there was no way I could feed him while they worked on getting my ring off,” she wrote.

That’s when the Olathe fire crew stepped up.

Giffin said one of the firefighters gave her son his bottle — he even burped the little guy. When a second crew arrived, the good Samaritans kept up their kind acts. Giffin said they let out her dogs and helped with a few other tasks without hesitation.

When the Olathe mom apologized for taking up their time, they assured her it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

“I felt like I had a room full of angels, and the comfort they provided was God-sent as a postpartum mama who is already overwhelmed by the littlest things right now,” Giffin wrote on Facebook.

After crews cut the ring off Giffin’s finger, she said they took it one step further. They insisted on shoveling her driveway and patio.

“We take advantage of these people in uniform, and I think they need more recognition for these smaller deeds that help people tremendously,” she said.

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