With Chiefs keeping stores busy, metro Rally Houses hiring furloughed workers on the spot

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LENEXA, Kan. -- Rally House is offering jobs to federal employees furloughed by the government shutdown. No experience is needed, just show your government identification, and you'll be hired on the spot.

Jennifer Morris applied online Monday night. She heard from the company the next day.

"This afternoon they said when could you start, and I said well I could start right now," Morris said.

Morris has a lot of time on her hands right now. She's a project manager for the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Eventually getting your pay back doesn't translate to paying bills today," Morris said.

Kristen Liebert came up with the idea to hire people out of work because of the government shutdown at all Kansas City-area Rally Houses and Kansas Samplers.

It's not charity. There's good reason Kansas City stores are some of the chain's busiest in the nation right now.

"We always need extra help for things like playoffs, March Madness, World Series. Never thought I'd be saying for Chiefs going to Super Bowl, so it's exciting," Liebert said.

The company hired nine furloughed workers in just one day when the program was announced Monday.

"We can get them hired right away. Basically the federal government kind of did the back screening for us," Rally House corporate recruiter Kami Muehlberger said.

Morris is anxious to get back to her real job but said she always wanted to work at a Kansas Sampler when she was young and could definitely see herself holding on to both positions.

"For me, this could be the best thing ever, so I'm actually pretty tickled," Morris said.

Rally House hasn't announced an exact number of people they plan to hire. Employment is considered seasonal. If the Chiefs win Sunday, they'll need even more workers. You can apply online or in person at any store.

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