KC auto mechanics swarmed with storm-related repairs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the last few days, the phones at Rich Industries in Kansas City have been ringing non-stop thanks to a recent snow storm.

Auto mechanic and salesman Joe Richardson

"When snow happens, we get busy. A couple of days I've not even been able to get lunch. It's crazy," auto mechanic and salesman Joe Richardson said.

Ever since a big snow storm blanketed the Metro area Friday and Saturday Richardson's 51-year-old family-run shop has been busy with a variety of weather-related car repairs.

"Yeah, we've seen everything from people needing new wheels because they slid into things and curbs. We've also sold windows for people that had parked under trees and the snow covered, heavy limbs fell on their windshields," Richardson said.

Another hot item selling fast during cold season?

"The snow's real heavy on the wiper sand people are getting in their cars and turning on too soon before the car warms up and that can cause their windshield wiper transmissions to stop working. We've sold a few of those too," Richardson said.

More than half of the customers trekking to the the auto body shop right now are folks whose cars took quite a beating during the recent snow storm. One big mistake: drivers driving too fast on the slick, potentially dangerous roads.

"So many people risk it and get out in those conditions. They really should just stay home if they don't have to get out in the snow. They're over confident. I mean we have all these technological things like E-S-P and A-B-S and these things that drive your car, you know keep your tires from slipping, but on ice, you're going to slide, " Richardson added.

The recent weather has resulted in an uptick in crashes.

"We've had multiple cars coming in here as a result of getting wrecked in the storm. I just want people to know that you got to start slowing down way before you normally would. You got to plan to be careful," said mechanic, Chris Richardson.

The mechanics also want to remind anyone driving in the impending storm later this week to pack an emergency kit filled with at least lots of bottled water, a cell phone, a flashlight and a blanket or two, just in case your car gets stuck in the snow.

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