King Penguin hatched at Kansas City Zoo during weekend snow storm

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Photo Courtesy: Kansas City Zoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As a winter storm moved across the metro this weekend, the Kansas City Zoo had something exciting happen.

The first king penguin egg to be laid at the zoo hatched on Sunday inside the Helzberg Penguin Plaza.

The zoo said the name “Blizzard” was chosen since it made its entrance into the world during “one big snow storm.”

The penguin exhibit has been open at the zoo since October 2003. Until this winter, the zoo said the king penguins had not formed love connections. In late November of last year, the zoo announced their first king penguin egg had been laid and the parents “Jilly and Dwayne” were keeping dutiful watch over it.

The zoo said for king penguins, this requires them to hold the delicate egg on their feet to keep it warm, taking turns for the 53-day incubation period.

Zookeepers have been keeping an eye on “Blizzard”, weighing it periodically to make sure its gaining weight.

The zoo said the first-time parents are doing a great job feeding and caring for the chick.

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