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Family of lifelong fans at Jasper’s restaurant whipping up special Chiefs cannolis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There’s a long-time family business in South Kansas City that’s serving up a limited edition treat in honor the Chiefs.

But the folks behind Jasper’s also share a special connection with the team that spans generations.

The way the Mirabile men tell it, their father, who co-founded Jasper's, was college buddies with a pro-football coach. That coach told him Kansas City was getting a team of its own and asked if he wanted season tickets. That was 1963.

"Nobody knew what pro-football was in Kansas City,' Leonard Mirabile said.

The family has been season ticket holders ever since, and now they’re now serving up a golden dessert at their restaurant.

Jasper’s co-owner Leonard Mirabile said he’s missed just one regular season Chiefs game since the team came to Kansas City more than 50 years ago.

"It was just as crazy as it is now," he said.

It's a tradition he passed down to his son, Jasper Mirabile III, and now shares with Jasper's three sons, the youngest of which is just 6 years old.

"We don't miss games. It's a family tradition," Jasper Mirabile said.

The family is so passionate about Chiefs football that they plan their lives around the team's schedule.

"We’ll be out of town and fly home for the game just to make it for kickoff," Jasper Mirabile said.

He said their Italian restaurant on 103rd Street, in many ways, is like a football team.

"There's a a bunch of working parts. You got to make a go. We’ve got to win every day, and the Chiefs feel the same way," he said.

They believe the Chiefs are going all the way this year, and that confidence inspired them to add a red and yellow cannoli to the dessert menu.

"We’ve got to celebrate somehow," said Jasper Mirabile Jr., Leonard's brother.

He showed FOX4 how to make that special cannoli, which is stuffed with cheeses, strawberries and other sweets before it's topped with 24-karat edible gold dust.

"It’s the finest Sicilian desert in the world," Mirabile Jr. said.

They said the limited-edition treat is a sure winner -- just like the Chiefs.

Those cannolis are $3.50 each. Of course, if you want them in time for the AFC Championship game, you'll have to order before Sunday because they'll be closed that day. They're going to the big game.

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