‘I’m calling BS’: NFL reporter responds to claim that cold will keep Arrowhead from being loud

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Good Morning Football anchor Kyle Brandt may have gained a few fans in Kansas City after he called “BS” on Colin Cowherd’s claim that the cold will keep fans at Arrowhead Stadium from being loud Sunday.

“I’m calling BS on that — hard,” Brand said during Thursday’s show. “These people are from Kansas. They’re from Missouri. Their blood and their gear are not from Santa Monica. They would need a natural and or nuclear disaster to affect the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium.”

Brandt continued and point out that fans have been waiting 50 years for this game.

“My take on this is that cold people are loud,” Brandt continued. “They’re really loud. I’ve been in some ridiculously cold stadiums in Chicago, in South Bend, Indiana–there’s an adrenaline with cold. There’s almost a fear with the cold. Show me something cold, and I will show you something deafening.”

Brandt’s rant went on for more than two minutes.

“My sisters are always freezing, never shut up about it. You could put them at Arrowhead, and they’d break the decibel record. Air conditioning units–loud. Freezer– loudest appliance. The snowblower–loudest tool. Stone Cold Steve Austin–hell yeah, very loud.”

See Brandt’s entire list of examples in the video below.

“It’s going to be extremely loud there,” Brandt added. “I don’t care how cold it is. The only thing that’s going to be cold is the take that says it’s not going to be loud. Watch the hell out!”

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