Chiefs-Patriots showdown creates epic sibling rivalry for these identical twins

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Identical twins Justin and Doug Bougher share just about everything.

Where were they born?

“New Jersey,” they both answer in unison.

The two men turned 45 last Wednesday and beyond birthdays, they have most things in common.

Except one thing.

Justin is a passionate New England Patriots fan and Doug is a hardcore member of Chiefs Kingdom.

“I’ve lived in Boston since ’92, I’m a big Pats fan,” Justin said.

Doug moved to Kansas City 10 years ago and fell in love with the Chiefs. But that’s just the beginning of what makes these two unlike any identical twins you’re likely to find in America.

Doug and Justin are Elvis impersonators who bedazzle their respective costumes with swag for the Patriots and the Chiefs. They went to the Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl in 2015 in their Elvis garb.

And they’ll be in section 301, in their Elvis costumes, Sunday night when the Chiefs host the Patriots. They’re brothers and friends but when it comes to Chiefs-Patriots, the trash talk never ends.

“I’m personally happy to be invited to the eighth annual Tom Brady invitational,” Justin, the Patriots fan, said. “So we’ll see, if we don’t win this year, we’ll win next year.”

“Next year Brady will be collecting Social Security,” Doug shot back.

“And you still can’t beat him,” Justin snapped, with a smile.

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