FOX4 Problem Solvers help get furnace up and running for Kansas City couple

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It’s pretty chilly outside and it’s expected to get bitterly single-digit cold this weekend. So imagine enduring that kind of weather with no heat. That's been one homeowner's dilemma for more than a week.

Matt Rozzel’s home has been in his family for three generations. It's more than 100 years old. But in the middle of a massive remodel, he and his fiancee have been freezing without a running furnace.  And thanks to the FOX4 Problem Solvers, things should be heating up soon.

"We had this new furnace put in, new water heater.  They had to put in the 200-amp box to be able to run all this stuff," said Rozzel.

Inspectors told Matt Rozzel he’d need to run wiring from the new box to the opposite side of house from the old electric box. So that’s what his electrician did, and then added a new riser outside, which should hook into the power lines, to fire up the brand new furnace.

Everything was done and ready to go last Thursday.

"Some people from the city came out and inspected it and made sure everything looked good. Then my electrician, Ralph, reported it that day to KCP&L and said it was an emergency. And they were saying they should be able to get out within 24 hours," said Rozzel.

But then a massive snow storm hit, knocking out power to 170,000 KCP&L customers.

Matt’s job got put on hold, and he understood. At least his house had electricity going.

"We had a space heater and stuff so it wasn’t the best thing ever. But I was like, I get it. Those people don’t have any way to heat themselves. We have this small way to," Rozzel said.

But once power crews were wrapping up work on restoring electricity around the metro this week, he called KCP&L for an update and says he couldn’t get a straight answer. So his electrician called the utility back again and was told crews couldn’t connect the power to his furnace until the January 31st, almost two weeks away, and with a forecast of subzero temps and wind chills on tap this weekend.

"It's probably about 40 degrees in there.  It’s not freezing yet but pretty close," Rozzel said.

Frigid and frustrated, Rozzel reached out to the FOX4 Problem Solvers.

We contacted KCP&L and they confirmed his story and insisted they were working to get a crew in contact with the family and make things right.

Friday afternoon, crews were at his house, finally connecting the lines.  So now Matt and his fiancee can kick on the furnace and start warming things up.

It's just a big wave of relief honestly just seeing it's finally getting taken care of.  SO I'm very thankful to you guys for helping me out with it," said Rozzel.

KCP&L says it is working to catch up on other requests for service like this one that were delayed by efforts to restore power after the last storm.

And they have crews on standby, ready to go, should we see more outages after this weekend’s snow.

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