Four friends reunite after 27 years for Chiefs game

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.  –Dan Gilbert has been a Chiefs fan since the day he was born.

He’s heading up to the battlefield at Arrowhead this Sunday, with a very special group of friends.

“In my life, I’m about to turn 49, they’ve never won the super bowl,” said Gilbert.

Not only is Gilbert excited about the Chiefs coming this far, but he also gets to spend the weekend with his three friends from desert storm, thanks to his wife.

“She kind of went behind my back and was talking to my old military buddies, and put it together, and got their wives and everyone on board, to make us all get together and go to the game,” Gilbert explained to KOLR in Springfield.

He said it means a lot to him that his friends came to support his team.

“This is not really their team,” said Gilbert, “the Chiefs is not their team. So for them to make the journey to go to the Chiefs game, is pretty special.”

The four friends haven’t been all together in 27 years.

“It’s surreal. It’s weird, you know,” Gilbert said, “it’s one of those things, we’ve been together in different places and different times and stuff, but not altogether, so. Very surreal. They drove in last night, and when we got out of the truck, it was a moment.”

“Yeah, it’s surreal,” said Greg Hunter, Gilbert’s friend, “to know that, what we all went through, and how we hung out, we’re pretty inseparable when we were in Germany.”

Football is something that’s kept the group connected over the years.

“There are some good text messages that go on during some football games,” Hunter said.

“We’ll have a string of 20, 30 texts, easily,” said Mike Burgess, another friend of Gilbert.

“Are you watching the game? Not anymore! I broke my TV!” said Mike Trelfa, another friend of Gilbert.

They even have a 15-year-long bet.

“Well Dan kept talking about how this is the year, this is the year, Greg,” explained Hunter, “every year, it went on for four or five years, and finally I said, dan, I’ll bet you $100 the Cowboys go to the super bowl before the Chiefs.”

They are driving up to tailgate before the game on Sunday.

“We’re all Chiefs fans on Sunday!” Hunter said.

“That’s right, we’re all Chiefs fans on Sunday!” responded Gilbert.

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