Kansas City Zoo’s triplet otter pups meet public for the first time

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The three otter pups born at the Kansas City Zoo in October will get to explore the exhibit where they will live for the first time Friday.

It's taken about three months for Han, Luke and Leia, Asian small-clawed otter triplets,  to open their eyes, get a little bigger and learn to swim.

Zookeepers installed pools to the area and gradually added water as the otter pups got better at swimming. They were not born with this skill.

The three have been living behind the scenes of their exhibit since birth with mom, Cai, and dad, Ian. Big brothers, Otis and Conner, and big sister, Clover, have also been living with them.

If you'd like to visit the otters, they live in the Tropics habitat at the zoo.

Photo Courtesy: Kansas City Zoo

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