Bitter cold temperatures mean a slow day for many KC businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With Arctic cold temperatures throughout the area, schools weren't the only places closed Wednesday.

Many metro businesses closed for the day as well. Some posted signs in their windows, saying they would be closed because of the extreme weather.

No one really wanted to go out into the cold, and some businesses didn't want to risk the safety of their employees with below-zero wind chills.

The streets and sidewalks were practically empty Wednesday at the normally busy Country Club Plaza and River Market.

For most of the businesses that did stay open, it was a slower than usual day.

At Betty Rae's Ice Cream, the temperatures inside the freezer stayed warmer than the air outside.

"It is the one time you can actually eat ice cream and warm up because we keep the freezer at about 6 degrees in the case," owner David Friesen said.

Quay Coffee was one of the few businesses that stayed busy on the bitterly cold day.

Ben White shared his recipe for staying warm: "A lot more hot drinks and not as many cold drinks."

Several stores also sent out emails offering discounts for customers who stayed indoors and did their shopping online.

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